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How to use BMW CarSoft together with INPA and EasyDIS software

Publié par JTAC sur 30 Novembre 2015, 22:00pm

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I already have a BMW CarSoft scanner and recently found the INPA and EASYDIS software on a website, then I started thinking was it possible to make it work with INPA Ediabas software. After many weeks of reading, and struggling, finding sparse bits of information here and there, I have finally got INPA and EasyDIS software working and communicating with my E36, while using the CarSoft interface instead of th INPA cable. Here is my guide to help anyone else who may be as frustrated as I was trying to get this to work.

Inpa and EasyDIS software can be downloaded from this link:


Password: Bimmerforums

How to:

Part 1 – Make INPA work with CarSoft

- Insert the CD or mounting the image

- Go to the “:\Referenz\INSTALL” folder

- Launch the file “Instprog.exe”

- Select Language and click Continue

- Click Continue

- Leave C:\ as destination drive, and click Continue

- Select BMW Group Recertification programs USA and click Continue

- Place check marks on the option for Complete next to EDIABAS and INPA, then click Continue

- Select OBD as interface and click Continue

- Press “End” when the installation has completed

- Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder “C:\Ediabas\Bin”

- Locate the file EDIABAS.INI, and open it with notepad

- Locate the line for “remotehost” and “port” adjust to “” and “6801” respectively

- Save and close the file.

- Navigate to the folder “C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\OBD” and launch the file OBDSetup.exe

- A screen will appear, press any key to close it.

- Press Windows+Break to open System Properties.

- Proceed to the Advanced tab, and press the Environment Variables button:

- Find the Path system variable, highlight it and press Edit

- At the end of the path statement, add a semicolon, and the path “C:\ediabas\bin” then press OK

- Connect your CarSoft interface to the OBD port and to your computer. Open Device Manager, and make certain that your port is:

- Assigned to COM1

- FIFO buffers are enabled

- Receive and Transmit Buffers are set to 8

Note: I have found it is necessary to run CarSoft once to get the interface to work with INPA.

- Start CarSoft, and perform a diagnosis of the DDE:

When the test completes you can close CarSoft. If it fails, you need to get your communications with your interface and CarSoft working before continuing:

- Start INPA with the shortcut INPA(_.IPO)

- Try and perform a test. ( My car is an E36 328i)

Part 2 – Make EasyDIS work with CarSoft

Now that INPA is working, we can get EASYDIS to work with the same interface.

Open “Manage Virtual Networks” for VMWare and proceed to the Host Virtual Network Mapping tab:

Click the arrow beside VMnet1 and click Subnet:

Enter for IP Address and press OK:

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to “C:\EDIABAS\Bin” and launch the file IFHSrv32.exe.

A windows does not open, it simply places an icon on your task bar:

Open VmWare, and edit your EASYDIS virtual machine to only have one Ethernet adapter, and assign it to VMnet1.

Start the EASYDIS Virtual Machine.

Click on Administration.

Under the EASYDIS item, click on Calibrating Touch-Screen.

Enter password (dealer #) and get a new window.

Enter “1” to Configure EDIABAS and press enter:

Then type “2” and press enter to run “API test” - If you see the following menu, the test is successful:

If the test was not successful, there is likely a network communication problem.

Exit the screen by typing in “0” and pressing enter. Exit the remaining screens by pressing “9” and enter.

The system will reboot.

After the system reboots, and EASYDIS comes up again, click on Diagnosis.

Select your model of car, and press the arrow to continue.

You will likely receive errors about battery power, click Ok.

After this, select manual to identify your vehicle.

Choose your vehicle and click continue.

Choose a module.

This is just for fun. If you do not have a CarSoft, you simply just buy a brand new INPA cable instead and save 20 bucks.


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