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How to use Super MB Star C3 to read wiring diagram?

Publié par JTAC sur 30 Novembre 2015, 21:49pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool


The other day, a mechanic called me and inquired about how to read wiring diagrams with Super MB Star C3 diagnostic tool. The mechanic told me that he logged in the official website of Super MB Star C3 (http://supermbstar.oicp.net:81/index-star.php?log=2)

, enter his serial number and password, which he was sure they were right, but then the website said his password were incorrect.



If you have a Super MB Star C3 and is going to check vehicle information with it, you should first verify your password letter information at www.supermbstar.com. Only after the verification can you go to http://supermbstar.oicp.net:81/index-star.php?log=2 to get the data you need. The password is the last 8 letters of your serial number and your password letter.

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