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OBD2 Tools

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Install Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota Techstream V10.10.018

Publié par JTAC sur 7 Décembre 2015, 22:08pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

. V10.10.018 Toyota Techstream software free download and step-by-step instruction guide is Provided below ToyotaTIS V10.10.018 Techstream software can be downloaded free here: http://down.chinaautodiag.com/toyota-techstream-10.10.018. zip O / S: Windows XP Without Any anti-virus software Techstream cable: MINI VCI 16-pin cable,ong> MINI VCI 16-pin and le/mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstream.html">22-pin cable, Xhorse MVCI cable How to install Toyota TIS Techstream MINI VCI 10.10.018? 1 ) Install Toyota Techstream-10.10.018.setup Open and run setup 10.10.018 MINI VCI

Select Language, click "Next"

Install software wizard, click "Next"

Accept license agreement, click "Next"

Click "Next" in Customer Identification program Click "Install" when "Ready to install the Program" Post quick Install Wizard is completed, press "Finish" 2) Activate Toyota TIS Techstream Go to C: Program FilesToyota DiagnosticsTechstreamEnvIT3System.ini Change TISFunction = 1 to TISFunction = 0 Click OK Save 3) Install MVCI Driver 2.0.1 Open "MVCI Driver folder" Install "Mini VCI for TOYOTA-CABLE Driver 2.0.1" Click "Next" then "Install" Click "Finish" when driver is installed. 4) Com Port setting Open "My computer" >> "Device Manager" >> "USB Serial Port (COM4)" Make sour COM port is set to COM4 5) Run MVCI firmware update tool Open "MVCI Firmware Update Tool" on the desktop Click on "Device info" button to check device information, SN, firmware release etc. 6) Sets Techstream 10.10.018 Open "Techstream" software on the desktop Click "NO" to ignore Java pop-up message Click "Setup" Tab >> "Tecshtream Setup" Select "Europe" in Area Selection windows, click "Next" Select Tecshtream Software language: English, click "Next" 7) Connect MINI VCI cable Plug the cable Xhorse MINI VCI diagnostic socket into the Toyota Click " Connect to Vehicle "in main menu Initializing USB communication After Good communication is built, complete your vehicle information Select system and carry out diagnostic function

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LPJ 28/02/2016 16:35

Where I can find drivers 2.0.1?

obd365 29/02/2016 02:32

Mini vci software and driver can be download here http://www.chinaautodiag.com/download/toyota-techstream-10.10.018.zip
Open "MVCI Driver folder"


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