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Porsche Piwis cable clone review

Publié par JTAC sur 10 Décembre 2015, 19:58pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Review for piwis cable here:


For what its worth, this knock-off was able to reset my airbag light for a total outlay of about $20. My 993 came back from some simple repairs with the light illuminated. Of course the garage know nothing about it and when asked said "common to the 993, we didn't do it". The software installed says "durametric for porsche Version" which was downloaded from their site:


Sadly I did not take a screenshot or copy the fault codes which appeared for the air bag unit before I cleared them. I suspect that the functionality is limited due to the age of the software, when plugged in I only saw the following items to review / clear, and my exact recollection of the numbers following the modules is not clear: DME 5.0 DME 5.5 Air bag 02 Airbag 04 Climate Control [perhaps one other I cannot recall] With the software I could only read fault codes for each of these item and then clear them. I went through each of them to see what other contents were shown and they all save for the airbag 04 showed "no fault" and the Climate Control had a whole page of errors of something like "left flapper valve value implausible". The air con works fine so I left this alone. I only bought this Durametric cable for the air bag light and it served my purpose. I would not know what to do with other fault codes if I had them. Worked for me.



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