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Digiprog 3 V4.94 tested OK and not OK cars

Publié par JTAC sur 24 Janvier 2016, 18:20pm

Catégories : #odometer correction tool

Recently multiple mechanics are inquiring about Digiprog 3 V4.94 odometer correction tool vehicle list. Although there already is a vehicle support list provided by the manufacturer, some customers want to know more details about the Digi 3 vehicle support. Here obd365.com has collected a list of vehicles that our engineers and customers have tested with the machine.

Digiprog III V4.94 tested work on the following cars:

1)For VW, Audi, Skoda vehicles:

Passat 2007 —> OBD OK passat 2011 work obd 5 min passat 2012 work obd passat cc 2012 work obd Passat 2011 menu dash diag -2012 read ok/write ok /3 minute. passat 2006 dash work passat 2011 work by OBD

Tiguan 2007 —> OBD OK tiguan 2009: ok test Many Time always ok Tiguan 2011 OBD no problem, takes about 10 minutes

Jetta 2013 take golf 6 on car list. Work fine 2 minutes jetta 2012 work obd jetta 2014: ok test Many Time always ok

Skoda Superb (3t) II 2009y only by obd less then 5min Skoda Roomster 2009 —> Diag work Perfect Skoda octavia 2009 1.9tdi instrument ok, ecu ok, dsg reset ok SKODA Fabia 2009 obd ok. fabia -diag-read ?-write ok. (digi4.94) skoda superb 2011 nec+24c64 obd works fine.

audi a4 2010 obd ok, audi a3 2010 obd ok A6, 2009 work OBD, 4-5 minute. no problem with audi a3 for now 2011 and 2010 doing ok by obd

Volkswagen Eos obd2 ——ok vw eos 2007 —> Diag obd2 work

Golf 6 2012 obd ok golf 2007: dash and dsg ok golf mk5..ok Golf 4 MM Just open dash en look voor 24C** it takes 2 minutes

300 m 2009 ok wrangler 2012 ok VW evoque 2012 work by OBD Seat MII 2013 —> OBD Work

2)For BMW vehicles: BMW E46 2004 —> 35080 Clip Work

3)For Ford vehicles: Ford Fiesta 2012 —> OBD OK Ford Fiesta HCS12 —> ST48 Work 2012 Ford Focus – 95320 – by ST1 work ok

4)For Mitsubishi: For read & write correct Mileage use Mitsubishi Outlander 93C86 V2 —> Work Perfect on Peugeot 4007 2012

5)For Mercedes Benz: w211 2005 dash via st60 read ok/write ok/ezs sync blocked ok. E39 m5 dash done with digi using st47 MERCEDES w210 E – DB 4_99 with Stecker 10 , ok!

6)For Opel: -Opel Vivaro 2013 —> EEPROM Clip work 93c76 -Astra J 2011 work by OBD. -Opel Insignia 2014 —> OBD Work perfect

7)For Fiat: Fiat Grande Punto EVO 2011 dash– obd OK…. fiat doblo Fiat Ducato 2012 work perfect OBD Fiat Doblo 2009 —> OBD Work perfect 1 sec. Job

8)Other models:

Galaxy 2008 new model by the OBD ok Successfully made chevrolet orlando like a opel insignia

Digiprog read/write 35080 for 100%.

Range Rover Evoque 2013 via obd ok

Nissans: 2002 Altima 93C66 OK in circuit with Murano; 2001 Xterra 93c56 OK unsolder with Patrol

Toyota RAV 4 2007 —> eeprom clip 93c56 work

– Made : sportage 2012 Swift 2014 Ranger 2010 Prado 2006 Runner 2006 Navarra 2012

All eeprom on board …i did NOT try obd – salvage Yard nitro 2009 ok patriot 2013 ok 2015 xtrail does work with digiprog 4.94, chip 93c86 worked a treat volvo s80 2008+ work good 10min.

Digiprog V4.94 tested not work on the following cars: Digi can not do some Golf 6 and Polo Dash by obd. Digi can do only VDO dash Golf 6 by obd, not Magneti Marelli. A3 sportback 2009. killed Focus 2011 not work


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