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How to set up Genius Ktouch on Windows 7

Publié par JTAC sur 27 Janvier 2016, 18:59pm

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Genius K-Touch 5.005 MAP OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool by obdii365.com. This K-TOUCH installation is finished on Win 7.


New Genius software free download:


(available on WIN 7, XP)


Operation system: Windows 7/ xp

Multi-languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian


Video guide:

How to install new genius on win 7:


How to install new genius on windows xp:



Main steps to install New Genius OBD2 ECU programmer on Win 7:

Step 1 Disconnect network connection

Step 2 Install WinRAR

Step 3 Install RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829)

Step 4 Install k-touch

Step 5 Replace RaceLoc.dll

Step 6 Run K-Touch to read and write


Step 1 Disconnect network connection

Please disconnect network connection when installing and using K-Touch.


Step 2 Install WinRAR

Go to K-Touch disk.

Open wrar362.

Click Install to begin WinRAR 3.62 installation.


Click Select all and OK.


Click Done. WinRAR installation complete.


Step 3 Install RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829)

Back to K-Touch disk.

Copy the folder K-Touch software to Desktop.

Eject K-Touch disk.


Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Open setup1->fscommand->Setup_RaceEVO.

Installing Aware Wizard…

Select language. Click OK.


Click Next.

Updating your system…

Click Next.

RaceEVO PC requirement: Windows XP SP3 with 1GB memory. Click Next.


Enter Dimensione Sport Customer code: C7535. Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Updating your system…

Windows security: select Install this driver software anyway.

Cancel tick on “Run RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829) Setup1 now”. Click Finish. RaceEVO installation complete.

Delete Race2000 on Desktop.


Step 4 Install k-touch

Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Open setup2.

Click Extract (left button).



Open k-touch on Desktop.

Fatal error: invalid version of RaceLoc.dll. Click OK.


Step 5 Replace RaceLoc.dll

Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Extract setup3.

New file RaceLoc.dll.

Open Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr.

Go to menu bar, select Organize->Folder and search options.

Select View.

Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Click ok.

Open AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0. And delete RaceLoc.dll.

Cut new file RaceLoc.dll from folder K-Touch software to Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr->AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0.

(Note: the path may be different because of different Win 7 user’s name or Win 7 system in other languages)


Step 6 Run K-Touch to read and write

Open k-touch on Desktop.

Software license: click Accept definitely.

Update database and enable technical features within 3 days. Click No.

Open Computer management.

Select Device manager->universal serial bus controllers->dimsport – New Genius device.

Back to k-touch standard.

Go to menu bar. Select K-Touch->Explore…

K-touch connection display.


GENIUS is not updated. Click OK.

Select folder FILE->Read->DF.


Save on Desktop.

Extract header? Click No.

Close interface with DF file.

Select 1015 & 12222 to save, the same operation.

Back to folder FILE and open Write.

Select import file and click OK.


Open file DF saved just now.

The same operation to open 1015 & 12222.

Delete file 12222, 1015, DF.

Close the Genius (hand-held KESS V2) ecu chip tuning kit interface to exit from K-Touch.



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