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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

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New hand-held KESS V2 K-touch FW v5.005

Publié par JTAC sur 5 Janvier 2016, 23:10pm

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New Genius & Flash Point OBDII/BOOT ECU tuning tool--the hand-held version KESS V2 is available in obdii365.com.


TOP 6 advantages of Genius ECU Tuning Tool :


1.Easy to use ,because of touch screen and intuitive menu.

2.Completely independent of the PC during the phases of read/write.

3.System automatic backup.

4.SD 1 GB expandable memory (expandable to 16 GB)

5.System updates via USB.

7.Has no token limitation. Device comes with token reset button. 6.Supported Languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian

Firmware version: v5.00.5

The New Genius K-touch supports CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850 protocols and has communication modules available for the following vehicles:






Equipped with a sophisticated system for the recovery of the ECU should any problems occur during programming.


The New Genius is controlled through a system of icons from your TOUCH PANEL touchscreen, this makes it extremely easy to use. A standard 16 pin OBD cable is included and specific connectors to work on making diagnosis and special cables to do so through direct connection to the connector or plate ECU.

Genius OBD2 ecu programmer support car list

How to install Genius K-Touch ecu tuning software

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