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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

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Autel VAG505 vs. Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner

Publié par JTAC sur 27 Mars 2016, 17:57pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Both Autel VAG505 scan tool and Foxwell NT500 is capable of performing OEM level diagnostic tool for most Volkswagen VW/ Audi/ Seat/ Skoda vehicles sold worldwide. What’s the difference between these two diagnostic scanners?

2. BT500 supports more special functions than VAG505.

3. Foxwell NT500 support both OBDII and OBDI US VAG cars.

4. NT500 works 90% function as original vag 5054a ODIS. Autel VAG505 cannot.

5. NT500 performs exactly the same function as Foxwell GT80 Plus, but compatible with only 5 car software

Autel VAG 505 Code Reader Scanner User Manual

Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner User Manual


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