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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

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VCM2 IDS cannot program Ford S-Max 2006 solved

Publié par JTAC sur 23 Mars 2016, 19:51pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Conflicted with my programming “career” since i bought a clone Ford VCM2 from China days ago.but luckily, all is solved finally.


At the beginning, i thought i bought a bad VCMII for lack of SD slot. But in fact, there existed a slot but no SD card. The reset button on the vcm ii unit is used for software update, the vendor said.


I tried on different computers but all the time, Ford IDS v98 popped up the same error message:

Die Fahrzeugkonfigurations – Masterdatei kann nicht heruntergeladen werden. Dier Download – Vorgang wird abgebrochen

Die Aufgabe(n) konnte(n) nicht gestartet werden

BCMii (CCF Mater module)


(The vehicle configuration – Master file can not be downloaded. The Download – operation is canceled

The object (s) was (n) does not start

BCMii (CCF Mater module))


And also failed to read 8gb ram4 control unit, always with the same error on Ford IDS 98.




Then i took the engineer’s advice, to do diagnosis first

Suprisingly, an error message popped up:

U2101:00 2B-IPC

Beschreibung – U2101

Steuergeratekongfiguration ist nicht kompatibel

Fehlertyp – 00

Zu diesem DTC liegen keine zusatzlichen Fehlertyp-informationon VDF

Satus – 2B (Aktueller DTC)

Fehler ist momentan prasent

Diagnoseprotokoll – 14229

Schaitfache Hilfe l fur zusatzliche information liber die …


(U2101: 00 2B-IPC

Description – U2101

ECU configuration is incompatible

Error type – 00

are for this DTC no additional error type informationon VDF

Status – 2B (Current DTC)

Error is currently present

Diagnostic Log – 14229

Schaitfache Help l for additional information liber the …)


I can diagnose on s-max but still failed to program.


But the engineer said it explained all for programming failure before!!

Cars with fault/ troubleshoot cannot be programmed!!!

Then i went to diagnosis, and this time, programming on S-Max ’2006 is ok.


Feel very sorry to the obdii365 customer service staff for i asking help for them many times because of my poor knowledge of car repairing. But, that is the strongest reason that i would write this review for them. Thanks for their kindness.



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