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OBD2 Tools

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How to update Foxwell T600/NT300/NT200/NT405

Publié par JTAC sur 5 Avril 2016, 19:33pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

How to update original Foxwell scanners old models e.g. NT600/NT300/NT200/NT405 which may not be found at our website any longer?


To update NT100, NT300, NT405 and NT600, please follow steps below:

1. Visit our website www.foxwelltech.com and then select Support>Update . Or just click the link here :http://www.foxwelltech.com/support/update/

2. Click the image of your tool to download update package which includes update tool Foxlink, and update files.

3. Follow the on- screen instructions to install the update tool Foxlink and double click the desktop icon to launch the application.

4. Connect the tools with the computer with the USB cable and Foxlink identifies the device automatically.

5. Click



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