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OBD2 Tools

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Free download Xprog M V5.5.5 Flash Atmega64

Publié par JTAC sur 2 Juin 2016, 23:28pm

Catégories : #car ecu programmer

Hi, here’s the Xprog V5.5.5 flash Atmega64 Bin Hex free links. Works with China Xprog-M ecu programmer.



File including:

Config.v5.5.5.bin EEPROM 5.5.5.bin Flash 5.5.5.bin ———- EEPROM 5.5.5.hex Flash 5.5.5.hex

If the does not work on your computer or it has virus, you can download from another link:

Software tested – 100% work and without dongle.

This software tested and work: WinXP, Win7_32b, Win7_64b 
tested right now and working fine (dump+sw from above) used UPA USB to program flash+eeprom, 
acrobad 10 was already installed ,and Xprog V5.55 sw open quickly no virus no problem.

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip Update any version XPROG-M to latest V5.55


Free download Xprog M V5.5.5 Flash Atmega64
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