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Mazda 2 Flip Key Remote Programming Guide

Publié par JTAC sur 6 Juin 2016, 00:59am

Catégories : #car key programmer

Trying to programme remote for Mazda 2, 2008 , 3 button remote Manual programming procedure

Here it is: It's a two part programming. (Special Note: When buying a new Flip Remote for your Mazda 2, make sure you match the FCC ID correctly to the remote you presently have). Immobilizer Programming: You must already have two programmed keys, it doesn't matter if it is a normal key or remote key. They both must be able to start the car. Have both programmed keys and new un-programmed key ready to be programmed. 1. Enter the first programmed key in the ignition and turn to on position so that all the lights on the dashboard light up but the car does not start. Look for the Immobilizer Icon to light up and then turn off, as soon as it turns off turn the key to the off position and remove key. 2. Insert second programmed key and repeat STEP 1 within 4-6 seconds. 3. Insert new un-programmed and repeat STEP 1 again within 5-10 seconds of STEP 2. If the Immobilizer Icon stays solid and then turns off, then your key immobilizer is now programmed and the car can be started. If it is not programmed the Immobilizer Icon will just flash quickly and the car will not start. Turn off everything and waiting about 2 minutes before retrying procedure. Remote Portion Programming: This procedure is tricky because it needs to be done fast and because the Mazda 2's don't have a door actuator button. So you will have to open and close the door manually at a fast pace. 1. Open the drivers door and leave open. 2. Lock and unlock doors using the only door switch on the Mazda 2's (Located in the middle console, near the hand brake lever). Make sure the doors are in the unlock position. 3. Enter a programmed remote key into the ignition and turn to the ON position (dash lights will light up) and back to the OFF position quickly 3 times, at the 3rd time make sure the key is in the OFF position and the leave the key in the ignition. 4. Now close and open the drivers door 3 times and on the 3rd time leave the door open. You should hear and see the Door Locks, lock and unlock (no horn chirp on my model some may have a horn chirp as well). Step 3 and Step 4 must all be done within 20 seconds. 5. Now click the lock or unlock button twice on the remote key in the ignition (it should either lock or unlock, depending on which button you chose). 6. Now click the lock or unlock button twice on the new remote key it should either lock or unlock, depending on which button you chose). 7. Your key should now be programmed, remove the key from the ignition to end the programming mode. If it did not work, wait 2 minutes and restart procedure from the beginning. There you have it enjoy and save your money that dealers want to steal from you for a less then 5 minutes of END to END programming.


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