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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

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Publié par JTAC sur 26 Juin 2016, 18:11pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Collect all customer solutions here for BMW INPA Edibas IFH-0018: INITIALIZATION ERROR. Just for sharing!! AT RISK TO TRY IT YOURSELF.


Error message 1:

ApiCheckJobStatus: Error #95 SYS-0005: OBJECT FILE NOT FOUND API job error or no such result !


Ediabas error #95 means that some INPA script (.IPO file) is requesting a result from some .prg file that does not exist. This is most probably caused by a missing .prg file.


Error message 2:

2.5 IFH-0018: Inizialisation Error

INPA doesn’t work but Toolset yet


The error occurs if a SGBD is running by INPA or CASCADE. If the same SGBD is loaded in

the Toolset it will not occure an inizialisation error.


Reason : The communications port COM1 doesn’ exist, but COM3 yet. The Toolset is

working without the inizialisation error, because the file OBD.ini exists in the

directory C:\Ediabas\bin\. But the file OBD.ini has to exist in the direcory


Solution: Copy the file OBD.ini in the directory C:\Windows or create a new one. (Creation

of OBD.ini q.v. 3.3).


Error message 3:

Edibas error:

ApiCheckJobStatus: Error #28


API job error or no such result!


IFH-0018: INITIALIZATION ERROR. Das Programm wird abgebrochen!


Reason: Ediabas is attempting to access port COM1. However, the port doesn’t exist, or it

has been taken by another programme (e.g. HotSync from Palm, infrared).

Solution: Install a COM1 interface or free it.


Real feedback on INPA initialization error with solution above:

Yesterday my BMW INPA K+DCAN software showed error: INITIALIZATION ERROR. killed several hours with this knock-off. The car i connected to is BMW 2011 – e92 – LCI.

To set the COM to 1, obd.ini is also COM1.

I seek help from forums and one of them provided a solution to the problem: (solution offered by an experienced user with K+Dcan cable)

Modify the EDIBAS.INI as follows RemoteHost ; Description : server address/name ; Default = – ; RemoteHost = Desmo16 Desmo16 being my computer’s name (note that this must be maximum 8 chars) and Port ; Description : IP communication port ; Value : 1000 < port < 30000 ; ; Spezialfall OP(P)S /ICOM: ; Value : 6801 ;OBD-Treiber (CAN) ; Value : 6802 ;Most-Treiber ; ; Default = – ; Port = 6801 OBD2 notice that you should be sure port is 6801 as mine was 3000. It worked like a charm after i made these mods.


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