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How to Program Ford F250 550 Key

Publié par JTAC sur 7 Juillet 2016, 22:09pm

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Here is the instruction on how to program keys for FORD F250 550 Super Duty.


NOTE: Only fitted to models below 8500 lbs GVW.

System operation

A.System arms after switching ignition OFF.

B.Switch ignition ON.

C.Ensure system warning lamp illuminates for approximately 3 seconds.

D.If system warning lamp does not extinguish or flashes;

a. A system fault is indicated.



A.Keys added or replaced.

B.System malfunction.


A.Obtain 2 programmed keys (A and B).

B.Insert key A into ignition switch.

C.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

D.Switch ignition OFF. Remove key A.

E.Within 5 seconds:

a. Insert key B into ignition switch.

F.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

G.Switch ignition OFF. Remove key B.

H.Within 10 seconds;

a.Insert key to be programmed into ignition switch.

I.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

J.Switch ignition OFF.

K.Star engine.

L.If engine does not start and system warning lamp flashes;

a.Switch ignition OFF. Repeat programming procedure.

M.Repeat above procedure to program remaining keys.

N.Keys can also be programmed using diagnostic equipment.

NOTE: A maximum of 8 keys can be programmed.

NOTE: If the system is in spare key programming disabled mode, the above procedure will not work.

Diagnostic equipment will be required to change to spare key programming enabled mode.

Ford Key Programmer Option: Ford VCM2 IDS

OBDSTAR F100 OBD Key Programmer for Ford/Mazda

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