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Peugeot Expert 2012 Key Programming

Publié par JTAC sur 3 Juillet 2016, 18:55pm

Catégories : #car key programmer

I need to program a new key in Peugeot Expert Tepee 2012. I have SBB China key programmer to do this job. But i have trouble in doing this. Detail goes here:

I have searched and see somebody have successfully programmed an Expert 2010 as 207 CAN with SBB. I want to know if I can program this 2012 at the same way. In other way I have a big doubt about the transponder needed, because I only have PCF7936, and in Peugeot Transponder Catalog i found:

In PCF7941 datasheet I found: -Transponder operation like PCF7936 family -Consequently, the device is configured for PCF7936 (HITAG2) transponder emulation and set to INIT mode, providing full support regarding the Monitor and Download Interface.

I need to know if I can program this car with SBB and with PCF7936.

Solution from professional locksmith:

We have tested this model with SBB clone key programmer but result is not okay. Finished job with MVP Pro (the key pro m8). You can also try the new OBDSTAR F108 PSA programmer which supports

BSI1 PSA CAN system Expert (VF3X) //Immobiliser1//3&8 Immobiliser2 Immobiliser3.


OBDSTAR F108 support car list

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