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(Solved) Kess v2 4.036 “Invalid protocol file”

Publié par JTAC sur 20 Juillet 2016, 17:55pm

Catégories : #car ecu programmer

I have kess v2 master clone software 2.08/2.13 firmware 4.036 and if selected VAG siemens PCR2.1 or siemens simos 10.12 write me message “Invalid protocol file” . I have tested ecu MED17.5.5 and Jaguar simens SID201 reading and writing normally…

I use with kess v2 fw4.036

Before and after



Customer solutions:

1.I have today identical problem not work pcr2.1 i format SD-card and put again files on the SD card , now works like charms.

2. Maybe some steps are not needed but i do like this: Do all steps to firmware update -> Done -> Connect kess to PC agane -> run THISprogram with protocol corrections -> (Then need push two button) PUSH “KESS protocol Update Loader” and wait ~ 5-10 sec until winrar end working ->PUSH KESS protocol update start(program will start and update your sd card agane) -> all done.

3.I have solved invalid protocol by formatting kess v2 sd with some format program and not windows. Now all ok. The program i used is called “EASEUS partition master”.


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