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AK500 Pro and AK500+ What worked

Publié par JTAC sur 31 Juillet 2016, 21:46pm

Catégories : #car key programmer

Mercedes AK500 Pro key programmer:

I have ak500pro for a few years already.

What it does: -read 912/908 mcus (like ak500+ or r270) -read 705 mcu with socket (like ak500+) -read hc05 mcu from old motorola keys (like ak500+, upa, xprog..) -read key info by IR + write key by IR (like some other MB ir programmer) -read nec info + erase nec + write nec on socket (like ak500+ or other mb nec programmer) -has skc built-in in the hardware (like a skc dongle) -read eeprom/write eeprom/unlock/renew all motorola ESL, 32gb database built-in in the hardware (like avdi but you don't need to download the 32gb database and believe ak500+ can do this aswell) -has esl plugs + wires + diagrams ready to test EIS+ESL+Key system on bench (with diagram/pinout and a bunch of cables..) -read eeprom/write eeprom/renew SBC by obd 16 port (there are other tools, cba to write them.. )

If you buy the ak500+ (plus! not normal, and with skc dongle) is much cheaper and covers these features almost completely.


AK500+ key programmer:

AK500 is excellent for renew - just desolder NEC, put on dedicated socket and use the software properly. It's nothing special. Works better than AVDI. Click on "Benz IR Keymaker">"New IR Key">jump to Step4>choose "Socket">click "Fast Renew">wait until ready and then write whatever you want to.

By the way, to make keys you need an SKC calculator. If your AK500 came without it you won't be able to do anything.


AK500 Pro and AK500+ What worked

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