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Disable ASD (Active Sound) on BMW F10 with Esys

Publié par JTAC sur 4 Août 2016, 22:04pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

As the lucky owner of a new M5 F10 I needed a way to disable the ‘Active Sound Design’-ASD module because it really disturbed me. Pulling the fuse was not an option as this disabled the complete sound system and removing the ASD box in the trunk would be to invasive.

That’s what I did using BMW F-series ENET coding cable and E-Sys software: There’s a special ASD module that has several preconditions before becoming active (see the ‘Aktivbedingung’ folder in the screenshot): Only certain models will activate the ASD. Those models are listed as functions, e.g. ‘F010 true()’. So I looked a little bit lower in the tree and changed

3000 ASD-Configuration – Funktionen – Baureihe to F021

As you can see on the screenshot, the F21 model won’t activate the ASD.

I made several tests and compared to pulling the fuse so I’m 100% sure this little modification really disabled the ASD in my car.

BTW, for those willing to change the sound: There’s also an option ‘Motor’ where you can change the installed engine (for Diesel sound try N57D30). I haven’t tested all these parameters – I’m glad that nasty module is switched off

Disable ASD (Active Sound) on BMW F10 with Esys
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