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How to install E-sys coding software for ENET cable

Publié par JTAC sur 25 Août 2016, 22:00pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

How to install BMW ENET cable E-sys coding software on Windows XP? 01) Run "\\E-sys 3.18.4\E-Sys_Setup.exe" to install program to "C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\E-Sys.exe"

(Install Password is "lo8F3lsVVg" if prompted)

02) Copy "EDIABAS" folder from "\\E-sys 3.18.4\E-sys 3.18.4\EDIABAS" to "C:\EDIABAS"

03) Make sure "C:\EDIABAS\Bin\EDIABAS.INI" is set to Interface = ENET (it’s possible it has a different value, in that case just change it)

04) Copy "est" folder from "\\E-sys 3.18.4\est" to "C:\ESysData\e-sys est"

05) Copy all "psdzdata" subfolders (all 7 Folders) from "\\2_46.3 psdzdata\" to "C:\ESysData\psdzdata\"

06) Copy the contents of the "C:\ESysData\psdzdata\swe" folder into the "C:\ESysData\SWE" folder.

07) Make sure that there is a "Dist" folder in each of the Chassis (F01/F10/F25) folders etc. (e.g. "C:\ESysData\psdzdata\mainseries\F010\F010_12_03_511\odx\dist") (should already be set, but check anyway - if not there - create empty "Dist" folders)

08) Turn Car's Auxillary Power On (Engine Off) and make connection to car with OBDII-Enet Interface Cable (Wait a few minutes until the network adapter icon shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it)

09) Launch "C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\ENET\ZGW_SEARCH.exe" to verify cable and connection are working (IP Address, MAC Address, & VIN will be displayed verifying actual communication to the car) (ZGW_SEARCH.exe works intermittently on 64-Bit Windows - Not necessarily a problem if the ZGW_SEARCH window is blank, so long as the computer's wired network adapter shows an IP Address assigned to the computer from the car)

10) Run "C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\E-Sys.exe" (It will take E-Sys a while to write the log file) and Under Options, Settings: On the ODX Tab, set the ODX Rule Path to "C:\ESysData\Rules" On the EST Tab, set the Developer-Soft-Token EST Path to "C:\ESysData\est\Code Away.est"

11) Hit the Connect Button on E-Sys Select Target Vehicle (e.g. TargetSelector:Project=F020_12_03_503m VehicleInfo=F020) NOTE: Target vehicle for F30 is F20!

12) Select Connection via VIN, and click Connect (Window should pop up confirming successful connection)

(The program will remember the "connection via VIN" for future connections)

13) When you connect for the first time to your car you will need the E-Sys PIN, which is 2690

14) Please see other how-to documents regarding coding itself.

15) Miscellaneous:

a. Some modules take a long time before the changes begin working (e.g. trunk and mirror close). If still not working after an hour or so, try recoding the module again, even if it looks like the correct parameter (e.g."nicht_aktiv") is set.

b. Share any undocumneted codings with the community.

c. If Coding for an extended period of time (>30 minutes or so


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