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Mercedes EPC.net cannot display on webpage solution

Publié par JTAC sur 23 Août 2016, 01:09am

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Here is the engineer solution to Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnosis EPC.net software “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” solution.



I have activated the 2016.05V EPC WIS software, but the Star diagnosis EPC.net online cannot run on IE explorer, it said “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”



Engineer solution:

Go to Windows Start Menu>open EWA>run EWA Admin Tool


Open Server,EPC,WIS one-by-one to check which software is not run.

Enable these 3 options.

Then restart the computer.



Run EPC.net software again.


If you had EWA Client Tools error “Application blocked by security settings” after activation, then do following settings:




Go to Control Panel->find JAVA control panel->select Security tab->manually set the security level to lowest level.




Then EPC should run without problem.


Mercedes EPC.net cannot display on webpage solution

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