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OBDSTAR X100 Pro Aug. 23 2016 Update Notes

Publié par JTAC sur 29 Août 2016, 21:42pm

Catégories : #car key programmer

Original OBDSTAR X100 Pro and X200 Pro auto key programmer welcomes a new upgrade in 12:00:00 AM,August 23,2016.


OBDSTAR X-100 pro new update feature: Adding IMMO programming for X-100 PRO: 1) Adding Subaru XV for free pincode remote programming/key programming (premiered model); 2) Adding Subaru after 2013 Outback remote programming/key programming (premiered model); 3) Adding Subaru Forester smart card programming (premiered model); 4) Adding Subaru Outback smart Card programming (premiered model); 5) Adding Dodge CHARGER smart Key system (premiere model); 6) Adding Dodge JOURNEY smart Key system (premiere model); 7) Adding Dodge CHARGER IMMO pincode to read (premiere model); 8) Adding Dodge JOURNEY IMMO pincode to read (premiere model); 9) Adding Chrysler remote programming type 4 (premiere model); 10) Adding Chrysler remote programming type 5 (premiere model); 11) Adding Chrysler remote programming type 6 (premiere model); 12) Adding Dodge Dart smart Key system (premiere model); 13) Adding SGMW 310 IMMO system (premiere model); 14) Adding SGMW 330 IMMO system (premiere model); 15) Adding SGMW 310/330/560/730/SGMW Hongguang S1 models such as reset ECM/replace module function (premiere model, the only supported); 16) Adding HYUNDAI remote control type 5 (premiere model); 17) Adding Subaru IMMO system type 2 (premiere model); 18) Adding Subaru IMMO system type 3 (premiere model); 19) Adding Subaru smart key system type 2 (premiere model); 20) Adding SGMW Hongguang S1 IMMO system; 21) Adding SGMW 560 IMMO system; 22) Adding SGMW 730 IMMO system; 23) Adding Dodge whole models IMMO programming system; 24) Adding Jeep whole models IMMO programming system; 25) Adding Chrysler 300/300C smart key system; 26) Adding Chrysler whole models IMMO programming system; 27) Adding Chrysler 300/300C IMMO pincode to read; 28) Adding Nissan 20 IMMO pincode calculator;



Adding mileage adjustment system for X-100 PRO: 29) Adding Lincoln MKZ 2015- (Big color meter) mileage adjustment; 30) Adding GM GMC Acadia 2007-2009 mileage adjustment; Adding Oil/Service reset system for X100-PRO: 31) Adding Benz S_Class 217 Oil/Service reset system; 32) Adding Benz GLE 292 Oil/Service reset system; 33) Adding Benz GLC 253 Oil/Service reset system; 34) Adding BMW 1 Series F21 Oil/Service reset system: 35) Adding BMW 2 Series F22 Oil/Service reset system; 36) Adding BMW 2 Series F23 Oil/Service reset system; 37) Adding BMW 2 Series F45 Oil/Service reset system; 38) Adding BMW 3 Series F30/F31 Oil/Service reset system; 39) Adding BMW 3 Series F34 Oil/Service reset system; 40) Adding BMW 3 Series F35 Oil/Service reset system; 41) Adding BMW 3 Series F80 Oil/Service reset system; 42) Adding BMW 3 Series E30/E36 Oil/Service reset system; 43) Adding BMW 4 F33 Series Oil/Service reset system; 44) Adding BMW 4 F36 Series Oil/Service reset system; 45) Adding BMW 5 Series E28/E34 Oil/Service reset system; 46) Adding BMW 6 Series F12/F13/F06 Oil/Service reset system; 47) Adding BMW 7 Series G11/G12 Oil/Service reset system; 48) Adding BMW 7 Series E68 Oil/Service reset system; 49) Adding BMW 7 Series E32 Oil/Service reset system; 50) Adding BMW 8 series E31 Oil/Service reset system; 51) Adding BMW X Series F26_X4 Oil/Service reset system; 52) Adding BMW X Series F16_X6 Oil/Service reset system; 53) Adding BMW X Series E72_X6 Oil/Service reset system; 54) Adding BMW Z Series E36_Z3 Oil/Service reset system; 55) Adding BMW I series I01_I3 Oil/Service reset system; 56) Adding BMW G Series MINI Mini R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61 Oil/Service reset system; 57) Adding BMW G Series MINI mini F55/F56 Oil/Service reset system; 58) Adding Landrover Range Rover supercharged V6 3.0L Oil/Service reset system; 59) Adding Landrover Range Rover GTDI 2.0L petrol Oil/Service reset system; 60) Adding Landroverr Range Rover sport hybrid 3.0L Oil/Service reset system; 61) Adding Landrover Range Rover sport GDTI 2.0L gasoline Oil/Service reset system; 62) Adding Landrover Evoque 2014- diesel I4 2.0L Oil/Service reset system; 63) Adding Landrover Defender 2011-2013 diesel I4 2.4L Oil/Service reset system; 64) Adding Jaguar XJ type 2 Oil/Service reset system; 65) Adding Jaguar XF type 3 Oil/Service reset system; 66) Adding Jaguar XF type 4 Oil/Service reset system; 67) Adding Jaguar XF type 5 Oil/Service reset system; 68) Adding Jaguar XE type 1 Oil/Service reset system; 69) Adding Jaguar XE type 2 Oil/Service reset system; 70) Adding Jaguar XE type 3 Oil/Service reset system; 71) Adding Jaguar F_type 2014-2016 Oil/Service reset system; 72) Adding Jaguar F_type 2014-2016 Oil/Service reset system;



Adding EPB function for OBDSTAR X-100 PRO: 73) Adding LANDROVER Discovery Sport 2015-2016 EPB function; 74) Adding LANDROVER Discovery 4 2010- EPB function; 75) Adding LANDROVER Discovery 3 EPB function; 76) Adding LANDROVER Evoque 2016 EPB function; 77) Adding LANDROVER Evoque Convertible 2016 EPB function; 78) Adding LANDROVER Range Rover 2007-2009 EPB function; 79) Adding LANDROVER Range Rover 2010-2012 EPB function; 80) Adding LANDROVER Range Rover Sport 2014- EPB function; 81) Adding JAGUAR S_type 2004-2006 EPB function; 82) Adding JAGUAR XKR_type 2006-2009 EPB function; 83) Adding JAGUAR XKR_type 2010- EPB function; 84) Adding JAGUAR XF 2016 EPB function; 85) Adding JAGUAR XE 2016 EPB function; 86) Adding JAGUAR F_type 2014- EPB function; 87) Adding BMW G Series G11/G12 EPB function; 88) Adding BMW G Series G11/G12 EPB function; 89) Adding BMW X5 series E70 EPB function; 90) Adding BMW X6 series E71/E72 EPB function;



Adding EEPROM adapter for X-100 PRO: 91) Adding Subaru Outback engine ECU IMMO pincode to read;



Optimal correction for X100 PRO: 92) Optimized Zotye, LUFENG, SGMW, CHANGAN, Luxgen models such as remote control IMMO programming; 93) Optimized the battery programming, Oil/Service reset, EPB and other functions;


How to update OBDSTAR X100 Pro key programmer?



OBDSTAR X200 Pro updates with same features as well.



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