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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

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Free download ICOM ISTA-P 3.59 Loader v4.9

Publié par JTAC sur 1 Septembre 2016, 19:28pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

You need to have a valid ICOM A2 license or ISTA-P loader, to enable the BMW ICOM A2 firmware to work well with ISTA P v3.59;

That is,

ICOM A2 requires valid firmware license.

If you have no license, just update firmware to latest version and use ista-p loader v4.9 (v5.x discontinued).

Free download

ISTA P Loader (for those with ista p but data is gone)

https://mega.nz/#!fhkXySwJ!heZSdusfCDZ8lno5_rpEZYSSS3MYC73JhZPCkyh6lQ0 ISTA-P (tested OK, with Loader v4.9)


User feedback on ISTA/P and loader More info on ISTA P loader:

Tried running Rheingold ISTA/P using v3.2 loaded. Select K+Dcan emulator, which started fine. (network tool for kdcan is necessary) Select BMW car and ista/p loaded up. Start new session. Fine. Select my machine. Select interface. all good so far. On the next page I had a progress bar on the bottom left. First job finished, then it said “Determining Vehicle Identification number” Then things stopped and I got an error box come up saying: “An error on execution of the measure. 94201 Technical service initialisation failed. 10007 (CIP)- Error during initialisation of EDIABAS.” All help appreciated as this is getting frustrating.

Then run the network config tool for k+dcan:


Error solved. And ISTA/P works like a charm.

Tip: What to do if programming data is missing?

“Programming data” in launcher is for ISTA 4 only (I, F & G series). Requires separate install to ISTA/P.


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