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Where to download BMW ISTA-P 3.60 with Full PsdzData

Publié par JTAC sur 7 Novembre 2016, 18:38pm

Catégories : #bmw icom, #ista-p 3.60

BMW ISTA Rheingold software download link and installation guide of ISTA-P bmw v3.60 with PsdzData FULL and regfix are provided here. Enjoy!


Note: It is free. We are not hold the responsibility.


ISTA/P download with unknown security:

ISTA-P 3.60



PsdzData FULL 3.60.0 MEGA



Regfix 3.60.600


(note: Regfix for older license, I tested until at Admin Client and works fine; work offline too but just need license to run)


bmw ista rheingold download and tested without issues on WIN 7:

ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P



ISTA-D 4.01.21 ISTA-P




ISTA P bmw 3.60 review:

ISTA-P Loader V6.1F was able to run this version


Works fine with client.



FAQ of ISTA P V3.60 how to install:

Q: BMW_ISPI_iLean_ISPI_Admin_Client_1.1.808.3 with crack work with istap3.60 and ista 4?

A: Works with ISTA-P 3.59.5; I have not tested with 3.60. Does not with ISTA+.


Q: I have a ICOM A1 with FW 03.14.04.
Does this version run also with this FW ? There are no newer FW for A1

A: Yes


Q: Admin Client work offline?


A: BB Loader it’s great, I prefer older license and works offline until at


Q: Im using the loader and its connected. Yes ediabas is installed 7.30 Ver.
Its strange I removed Ista/p and tried to reinstall and it quickly says it installed but nothing got installed.
Does it require any specific version of C++ I have 2010-2015 installed does t need older.

A: It is a problem with ISTA-P. If ever installed and all traces are not removed or application run in modified state, then re-installing or updating can be very frustrating. My install would fail or run quickly without installing.


Q: I have quick question, when I click next on where it says to select a ISTA server I leave always on automatic then i click next and a box pops up thats says Unable to create a session management. Does anyone what could cause this ?


A: The error always comes when the ICOM isn’t connected to the computer, are you using the LOADER? if so did you install the ediabas?


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