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Can Foxwell NT510 Scanner code injectors for BMW?

Publié par JTAC sur 11 Octobre 2017, 22:09pm

Catégories : #Foxwell NT510

Question: Can Schwaben Tool/Foxwell NT510 scan tool code injectors on BMW models?


Yes, just did mine yesterday with it, very easy and intuitive to use as it guides you through the process.


Q2: Can this engage the fuel pump? Does it have any specific modules for the N57/M57 diesel engines?
A2: Yes and Yes


Q3: Can you reset air bags?
A3: I’ve been successful on an E53 and E90 (employee cars).


Q4: Can someone confirm if it can properly bleed the ABS lines?

A4:  yes it was doing something mechanically. So I guess you would keep pressing 1 to bleed the system out.


Q5: Can Foxwell NT510 BMW register battery?

A5: Yes, confirmed. You can check step-by-step guide here: BMW battery registration with Foxwell NT510


Q6: Can someone confirm if it codes battery not just register?

A6: It only registers the battery


ECS Schwaben Tool or Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner:

Injector Coding confirmed
Vehicle Service confirmed
Coil reset adaptation confirmed
Battery registration confirmed
E-Brake retraction confirmed

I was very surprised their was a ignition coil re-calibration (LVS) functionwhen when changing coils. Interesting.

Injectors can also be recoded or recalibrated.


Couple of pics







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