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OBD2 Tools

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Ford IDS V105 and Mazda IDS V104 Free on Mega

Publié par JTAC sur 20 Avril 2017, 00:47am

Catégories : #Ford VCM2, #Ford IDS v105, #Mazda IDS

VCM2 IDS software update: Ford IDS 105.01 and MAZDA IDS 104.01 VMWare free download on Mega, which has been tested with Ford vcm2 original/clone and Vxdiag vcx nano for ford and mazda.
Free download VCM2 IDS software Ford v105.01 MAZDA v104.01:
VMWare 12.5.0
FORD IDS 105.01 with Ford VCM2 Manager
MAZDA IDS 104.01 with Ford VCM2 Manager
Password: nK6gE84
Test report:
Configure Wi-Fi…..Confirmed!
VCM I clone….. Some worked, some not!
Ford VCM2 original…..Confirmed!
VCM2 clone…..Confirmed!
Allscanner VCX Brand: Vxdiag VCX Nano for Ford/Mazda…..Confirmed!
(tested with the latest vcx manager and updated firmware on the nano => work great with my vcx nano)
IMPORTANT NOTE: ford ids v105 & mazda ids 104 has not tested by professionals. Just copy here for sharing. You may take a risk when using it.
For sake of security, a tested version should be better for use-
Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v99: no issues with Ford vcm2 clone
Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v104: no issues with vxdiag vcx nano for Ford and Mazda
Obdii diagnosis…..Confirmed!
Key programming…..Confirmed!vcm
Ecu programming…..Confirmed!
Credits to: SCOTT (Thank you so much bro, SERIOUSLY! ) & technicians working for obdii365.com(Thanks for the test reports)
Good luck!
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