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JLR Mangoose cable and SDD Software FAQ

Publié par JTAC sur 19 Mars 2017, 23:22pm

Catégories : #JLR Mangoose SDD, #JLR SDD

Here are answers to the frequently-asked questions of JLR Mangoose cable running with SDD software crack. Wish it helps.



Q: Can you provide the link/address of the seller of the “Mangoose” that works fine for you?

A: The mongoose cable jaguar i am using:



Q: when checking the software for viruses, did you try beforehand the MS Windows Security Essentials that are already installed within Windows 7 and did that not detect the virus?

A: Nope, never heard of it  I use freeware Comodo Internet Security pack, it detected suspicious file, but it only denies access do infected file, it doesn’t cure it. So I’ve downloaded and installed free trial version of Norton which cured infected file, and then I’ve uninstalled it.


Q: Did you have to set a date prior to 1st January 2013 in your system to avoid requests of the IDS/SDD for update through connection to Topix?

A: So far there were no update requests form SDD, so the was no need to do any date modifications. To be honest, I don’t have much experience with SDD, so far I’ve connected SDD do my car only for 2 times and so far I didn’t encountered any problems.


Q: Did you upload the latest driver for the JLR Mangoose Pro from the Drew site (even if your “Mangoose” is not coming from Drew, is that possible) and isn’t there a risk to “burn” the device by converting a non-Pro firmware to a Pro version, as reported previously in this thread? 

A: Tried to do it, but no effect. I’ve downloaded and installed 32 bit, 64 bit MangoosePro, and even Mongoose ISO/CAN and Mongoose Ford drivers available at Drew Tech site, none of them works with Mangoose device. There’s dedicated driver for Mangoose delivered by the seller on one of DVD’s, and this then only one that works with Mangoose. So far I’ didn’t found any other suitble driver. One more word about burnt Mongoose clones, IMHO the thing that kills them is firmware upgrade to PRO version, not OS driver upgrade. As written above, none of Drewtech MangoosePRO drivers work with Mangoose, I didn’t tried firmware upgrade, and I won’t do it, too risky.


Q: Can you confirm the sequence of events: a. IDS/SDD download in the virtual XP machine; b. installation of the driver; c. update of the driver; d. launching of IDS/SDD; e. connection of laptop to OBDII?

A: My sequence:

  1. a) Disable any network access to Virtual Machine
  2. b) XP installation
  3. c) SDD installation
  4. d) SDD software license file replacement
  5. e) Mangoose driver installation
  6. d) Mangoose device – connect to USB
  7. e) SSD launch
  8. d) Connect to OBDII


Q: Did you use an external power supply such as Midtronics or Iota to ensure stable voltage when running codes’ scans, and/or how long does it take to do so, to avoid laptop’s and car’s battery draining?

A: I didn’t used external power supply. Code reading, modules check takes about 2-3 minutes. The SDD was running for about 1.5 hours, and i didn’t noticed any battery draining symptoms.


Q: Can JLR Mangoose cable work fully with jlr sdd software crack?

A: No, JLR Mangoose cable ($40.99) is usually used for basic obdii diagnosis…..better on jaguar/land rover before 2014

Vxdiag vcx nano for JLR Jaguar and land rover ($89): works ok in obd2 diagnosis, key programming, online&offline programming….100% perfect on cars before 2016

That is, you get what you paid for.


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