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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

OBD2 diagnostic tools & software technical service

Launch CReader 419 vs Launch CR519 vs Launch CR619 Code Reader

Publié par JTAC sur 30 Juin 2017, 17:55pm

Catégories : #launch creader 419, #launch cr419

Launch CReader (CR419 CR519 CR619) is a series of DIY code readers to have full OBDII/EOBD diagnostics. It’s a walking scanner because it’s hand-held, portable, plug and play. Users can have a diagnostic test anytime and anywhere. It’s a good helper in daily car maintenance.
So, Launch CR419 CR519 CR619, which best? Read the chart below.
Launch CR519
Launch CR619
2.4" TFT 320*240 dpi
 2.4" TFT 320*240 dpi
4.0"TFT 320*480 dpi
* Update
Free update via the internet
Global OBDII
I/M readiness status
Freeze frame
Data graphing
Vehicle information
O2 sensor test
On-board monitored systems test
Ob-board systems control
Manufacturer specific DTCs
Built-in DTC lookup
Data record and replay
Data print via PC
ABS system
SRS system
vehicles that work with OBDII/EOBD protocols from 1996(America)  to present , 2002(Europe) to present
Tip: How to update the software of LaunchCReader 419/519/619?
    1. Go to the official website of LAUNCH "www.dbscar.com", click "Products" -> "creader 4001~9081"; find the "creader 6001", then down load the update tool to your computer.
    2. Install the update tool on your computer
    3. Connect the Creader 419/519/619 to your computer via the USD data lines in the package.
    4. Run the update tool software, fill in the serial number and register code of creader 419/519/619 (The serial number and register code will be found on the screen when you connect creader 419/519/619 to your PC), click the update. Please keep the device connected and ensure the network works well.
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