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OBD2 Tools

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Launch X431 Diagun IV vs. Launch X431 V 8.0 inch

Publié par JTAC sur 8 Juin 2017, 01:08am

Catégories : #Launch X431, #Launch X431 V 8.0, #Launch X431 Diagun IV


Launch X431 V8.0 inch tablet and new Diagun IV which is a better OBD diagnostic scan tool to choose from?

Check the detail table comparison below:
In conclusion:
The major difference between X431 V and Diagun IV lies in:
1. Lanch X431 V support much more vehicle brands, like Indian (Mahindra, TATA), Australian Ford, Holden, Malay Porton, Perodua, Brazilian Fiat,GM etc, which Diagun IV scanner does not support.
2. X431 V comes with much more language than diagun.
3. X-431 V 8inch supports special functions like gear learning, immo key programming, diagun IV does not support.


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