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How to solve Launch X431 V Pro no vehicle software list problem

Publié par JTAC sur 9 Novembre 2016, 18:10pm

Catégories : #Launch X431 Pro, #Launch X431

I have just purchased original Launch X431 V pro launch scanner, with its Sheet of Serial number and password, after entering the serial and password, I find just Demo and EOBD and some Firmware softwares, but no Vehicle softwares list.
Where should be the problem ?! 


Possible reason:

Not activated. 

or is not correct language. ask your supplied to activate with your requested language.


LAUNCH X431 (X431 PRO) software update              

LAUNCH X431 V car software is free updated online for 1 year on LAUNCH official website.After 1 year,829USD/year,you can still use the old version even without pay.

After you receive the X431 V,you need to provide us with your serial number, language and country you will use,we will help you activate the authority. And that you can ,You need to register X431 V on www.dbscar.com, Dealer code is 86A or 86K.  

X431 V User's manual is stored in the tablet "cnlaunch" folder, package doesn't contain paper user's manual.You can also find from X-431 V apk.

Original Launch X431 Tools

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