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OBD2 Tools

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Which tool to read Opel Vauxhall PIN via OBD?

Publié par JTAC sur 21 Février 2017, 19:16pm

Catégories : #opcom, #carprog

What OBD tool are you using to read pin on vauxall and opel 2000 to 2015? I know if the customer has car pass makes life easier providing nothing has been changed on car any other obd tools does anybody know if fvdi is safe to use in?


these cars for pin reading i have opcom and is okay for some to pull pin but for 2005 up no good i only want a obd tool no eeprom jobs.




Locksmith opinions:


1.fvdi Opel supposed to work but i couldn't get that to work on 2 insignia's 2010 and 2011 years 



nothing beats avdi for pin codes on opel , the next best in my opinion used to be cryptoworks , zedfull is good too , mvp pro and ad100 pro on models after 2005 is also good , but i've not seen anything as good as avdi on these.




Smok xcan can read PIN by OBD for Opel.with Smok you can read PIN change km, VIN, reset ecu but no key programming. Pecky's vauxhall decoder is very good but only from dump.



Chepeast solution i think is to buy Carprog reworked.

It covers many ECU types. But doesn't work on newer cars ( I mean Astra J Insignia etc)



True code have decent coverage for Gm 

you can read pin and also program keys


Astra-H (2004-2009)

Astra-J (2009-2015)

Corsa-D (2006-2014)

Insignia (2008-2015)

Signum (2003-2008)

Vectra-C (2002-2008)

Zafira-B (2005-2014)

Pincode reading from variouis units inside the vehicle, Radio, Dash, EBCM, engine ECU.



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