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OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

What Device to Program VW Crafter Key?

12 Juillet 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC

Have a VW crafter and need to add new key. what can I use to make dealer key and learn key?

Also, I “want” to have possibility to maybe do some keys from early 2000 to around 2015.

most keys will be European cars.


You can try any of the following key programmer and follow the instruction:


  1. With FVDI

With FVDI you can make the dealer if car is “older” but you will need a TP23 Chip to be more easy for you.


For many cheaper Transponder Types (id46) I use FVDI2018 (maybe I even own a rip off of it), but for Opel, Renault and Ford it definitely worked well. (don’t use it for Benz or Audi).


Brand/Model of car : VW CRAFTER

– Year of car : 2010

– Feature in relation : add key

– Version of FVDI : 2015 v18

– Result :

I read ecu – OK

I see CS and PIN

Fvdi writes CS to the new key

Then I choose 2 keys to add

Original key and new _ stopped working


Writes CS to a new key to another device

I repeat the procedure FVDI says wait 5minutes


Key added


  1. Xhorse VVDI2

The Xhorse keytool max alone will not do the job. If you want to enter this business you will need more than one device.
For the VW Group (VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi), BMW and Peugeot I use Xhorse VVDI2. For Benz my favorite Tool is also from Xhorse, the MB Tool.


  1. With Zedbull

this happened to me rather by accident , I read eis from crafter with xprog , then i took a id48 chip and used zedbull to add key , was just playing around on a junk yard car with all keys lost that was waiting for a lockset , the blade on the crafter key is only for door locks , so any flat bar will turn the ign i used another crafter key blade , well WTF the thing started ,even if u can get the pin from the eis and have a precoded id48 u should be able to add key with old vaspc


I used a unlocked id48 chip from a golf key , and just played around , i see pin in zedbull or effi software I add key ,it writes transponder I write file back ti eis , and it started.


  1. FVDI 2014 (18 soft)

if you have 7 bytes CS you can prepair it with FVDI 2014 (18 soft). Use Tag tool to prepair transponder for ID48 CAN, than write 7 bytes CS (after you write CS to transponder it become locked), than use pin to teach it to the car.
You can find 6 bytes by obd with fvdi, sometimes 7th byte too. Sometimes need to use fvdi to find it from existing key.


If it can’t with Tag tool menu, use directly key learning procedure from VW menu. try with the different versions I think only one of them works fine for CS. Try FVDI SVCI 2020 with Full 22 Software Unlock Version.


  1. with VCDS

Went with VCDS to the tab on the right showing LT3
Selected Immo
Security Login -> entered pin code and it accepted
went to adaptations channel 01
waited for about 10 to 15 minutes for it to become active
entered number of keys as 2 keys
press test and save.
Enter each key into ignition and it registered it.





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