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OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

Which VAG BMW Keys to used with Xhorse VVDI2?

30 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #vvdi2

One user feedback: have Xhorse vvdi2 and vvdi mb. And very happy with that. And done a lot of keys. but many customers ask for other keys also mostly vag and bmw. Looking for good universal remote that can be used in most of the vags and also bmw with key blade.



Xhorse has universal remote/blade systems. But you will still need to learn them to the vehicle.


I use https://www.obdii365.com/producttags/xhorse-remote.html they are a very reputable company with some of the best prices, I will say this.  Xhorse VVDI2 is a must have tool.  However the universal flip key with remote is touch and go.  Its 99 percent success with transponder programming or cloning with an xhorse superchip.  The remote cloning I have little to no success with.  Remote generating and programming I would say I have a 60 percent success rate.  Very vehicle specific, and much better on pre 2015 vehicles for remotes.  All this being said.  I do love there product and pricing.  I just wouldnt put all my eggs in one basket.  They are great go to when you have many options for the economical customer.



AS I said you can do a lot with transonder.  ID48 Cloning cost points similar to tokens.  It works very well on vw and audi.  The xt27 superchip is amazing it can be programmed many times over and over and continue to work.  I have often just used one for testing probably programmed over one hundred times.  If you buy 100 you get a big discount.  You can use them on so many different vehicles.  Then you can purchase cheap shell transponder keys and just generate or clone yourself.  Now if you are all key lost, You will be reading the immo dump and either generating your own new key file or easier grab one and use your VVDI2 to clone one of the already made keys.  The program to do that is in the transponder area of the tool software.  If you are trying to do immo 5 and up MQB key I don’t recommend using other keys and yes if that means purchasing some for stock then so be it.  Dont be afraid to spend money on tools and inventory.  You will make it back little by little and then use half your profit to buy more stock so soon you won’t have to order and wait for overseas shipping.  As far as your universal key question.  Look at xhorse 3 and 4 button super remote item#5261.  It has a super chip inside it already.  So you can literally program or clone like 15 different chip types (think of how many cars you can do with that one remote, only thing missing is the blade).    Buy like 20 of this remote and then buy many different key blade inserts.  That will get you up and running, to hopefully purchase more product to have on hand.


Alright, here I attach one image of Xhorse universal remote:


src: https://www.obdii365.com/producttags/xhorse-remote.html

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How to Recover the original BMW CAS with Hextag?

29 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #Hextag

My CAS3+ failed while trying to downgrade- how do I recover data / restore with Hexprog? Many devices will kill CAS3+ when downgrading via OBD, Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua ACDP, IM608, AVDI even Autohex II without a sufficient power supply.




If done via obd, 14.2 always with maintainer. If data is corrupted, no need to make backup, even if something happened OBD without backup you can repair it in hextag.


How do I recover data/restore with Hexprog? What is the procedure to repair CAS corruption? under what option?


Hextag has an option for this can change from programming mode to normal mode probably happens when downgrades fail. You can read eeprom and check CAS in programming mode or normal mode.  edit option in eeprom and you need to write another flash also.

If you have autohex you can check on it first if can solve it OBD itself.  When it comes to Hextag you can check from edit option in EEPROM if CAS in programming mode or normal mode. If in programming change it to normal and write eeprom back. Also you need to change Flash.




Try to recover the original CAS with following steps:

Find good flash file from same part number CAS. Write it to CAS using hexprog.

Read original eeprom, change line 0F90 (first three columns) to DA AA 55, write back.

Perform individual programming (using key programmer on bench).

CAS should be alive after this.

These step should bring the CAS back to life. Now you can learn new key (sometimes you don’t need DME ISN) but it may ask you for ISN which autohex ii and some other devices can extract DME ISN for you.




With HEXTAG, successfully repaired a corrupted CAS 3+ after a bad ISTA/P update.




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Which Tool to Precode Clio 4 2017 Dealer Key AKL?

28 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #autel im608

Car model and year:

Clio 4 2017 AKL, the card Hitag AES 7953



Try to make dealer card.

I had 2 genuine renewed cards with Keydiy both is the same


How to do? Here are some reviews for sharing:

Review 1.

Done a 2014 with 4a.

Had with original renewed, it didn’t worked. Next day had one brand new aftermarket worked no problems.


Review 2.

Last week i’ve renewed two Clio IV cards (pcf7953 ID4A) with Vvdi Keytool and programmed to two different cars: one was Captur and one Clio IV. Programmed with Autel IM608 without problems, and i haven’t made dealer key, i’ve always programmed Renault cards without precoding them, both renewed or aftermarket..

Captur was 2015 and Clio 2016, Autel programmed no problem without any precoding. When it asks if I need to make dealer key i press No and normally programmed.
Also done a Clio 2018 with an aftermarket card without precoding


Good to know:

No need to precode if you add card

When is AKL you need to pre code the card

That is the way that SmartPro work on the Autel I can’t trust for this car AKL and think that can’t do AKL by OBD.

==== If you have VVDI mini Key tool with renew cable they work ok for unlock clio4 card’s. Tested and work 100%.


Review 3.

Those Clio and Captur after 2015 are a big mystery. I’ve seen and experienced by myself similar problems. Zed-Full, Lonsdor and even R.E.T couldn’t program card (same type error message like ‘wrong card’ ). Try renolink, it seems reliable… But you need PIN code read by other tools first.


Related operation guide

Program Renault Clio IV 2018 all keys lost with obdstart X300 DP Plus

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Which Simulator Chip to used to Reset Mileage 36160WT?

25 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC

 User feedback: Yanhua YH35XX Programmer + Simulator Chip works perfectly with 35128WT (mileage reset), but does not work with 35160WT. How to solve the problem?


Yanhua chief engineer replied:

If the 8th pin of the 35160WT chip is 5V, you need another emulator chip, which is compatible with both 35128WT and 35160WT.









***for the regular 35xx simulator chip, it also works with both 35128WT and 35160WT, but not the 8th pin of the 35160WT chip is 5V.


For convenience, it is recommended to use the regular emulator chip for 35128WT and new emulator chip for 35160WT.



bigger simulator chip for 35160WT reading and writing is also compatible with Yanhua YH35XX Programmer.


35160WT simulator chip share the same operation with the regular one, check the detail guide here




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Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro vs. IM608 Pro

23 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC

 This article answer this common question: Does Autel Im508 with xp400 pro have the same functions as Autel Im608 with xp400 pro? Same features and diagnostics and immo ? And just size different?


Some people might think:

Autel IM508 + XP400 cost half of the price on IM608 are you think that can do the same?


In fact:

The immo functions are pretty much the same for key programming.


The difference is the diagnostic functions, im608 has far more diagnostic functions included, depends what you want the machine for, the extra cost and subscription cost is for the diagnostic functions. Diagnostic side on the im608 is really good and can almost be compared with the mk908p only the online programming for Mercedes and bmw is not on im608.
But the rest off the coding and programming is still possible on the im608.


And the annual subscription of Autel IM608 is double.


Look at the comparison table among Autel IM508, IM608IM608 Pro






Look at the comparison table between Autel IM508 and IM608:



This page includes all Autel IM508 /IM608 key programming operation guide:



And for Autel IM508 /IM608 (IMMO) coverage, refer to the official site:



Finally, where to purchase reliable Autel MaxiIM IM508 /IM608?

Source of Autel MaxiIM IM508 Plus XP400 Pro:



Source of Autel MaxiIM IM608 Plus XP400 Pro (double price of IM508 with XP400 Pro):


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Yanhua Mini ACDP Asks for A000 Module Solution

23 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #yanhua acdp


I got the Yanhua Mini acdp with Mercedes gearbox module 16 to clone VGS3 NAG3 gearbox. It failed me and said not obtain license from A000 module.

What is the A000 module? module 16 is not for this gearbox?


Yanhua ACDP Not Obtain Authorization from A000 module



Module 16 (with license A101) works on VGS2-NAG2, VGS3-NAG2 gearbox only.

For VGS3 NAG3, you need new module 19 with license A000.

Module 19 works with other brands gearbox as well, including

VW/Audi DQ380/DQ381 0DE gearbox clone; supports Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox clone, supports BMW 7-dual clutch (GETAG 7DCT) gearbox clone. More other brands are under development.

module 19 for yanhua mini acdp


Yanhua ACDP All SH725XX ZF 8HP Gearbox Clone Operation 

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Thinkdiag New Boot vs. Old Boot

21 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #thinkdiag

 Thinkdiag new version and old boot which to buy? Check the comparison below:



Thinkdiag new boot 2021

  • new SN
  • chip is locked
  • Compatible with official thinkdiag software only.


Thinkdiag old boot & chip

  • Firmware V1.23.004
  • with serial number 9798601***
  • Compatible with official thinkdiag and Diagzone software.





*We don’t provide diagzone software.



Thinkdiag new vs. old boot:

Old boot works with Diagzone crack software. New version does not. 

New adapter is cheaper than old version. (new version with full brands all software 1 year update takes 99USD only, old version with 1 year all brands takes $159)

New version supports more cars and reset functions than old version.  (new version supports 115 brands and 16 reset functions)

New version supports both iOS and Android handsets and tablets. Old boot work on Android system only. 






Diagzone App






Thinkdiag App







ThinkDiag App Free Download





Old boot stops production. Thinkdiag new version full brands all software with 3 years free update is recommended.

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How to use Autel IM608 to Renew Mercedes BE Key?

20 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #autel im608

 Autel IM608/IM508 can renew Mercedes BE aftermarket Key and WRITE the new Key File. Here is the BE key renew procedure with MaxiIM tools.





Insert BE key into IR hole of xp400 pro





select IMMO-> Mercedes-Benz->Expert Selection->Key->IR->Repair key












Read key information, key was programmed.





Select Renew BE key function and confirm to clear key







Clear the BE key successfully




Read key information again
Now the BE key was renewed and can be programmed to another Mercedes.



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Reset Toyota Avanza 2017 SRS R5F2154 by Autel XP400?

16 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #autel im608

This is a Toyota Avanza 2017 airbag module with Renesas R5F2154 MCU

Successfully read data by autel im608 xp400 programmer. 

Select chip then autel will give you a wiring diagram. 

SRS module clearing crash data success. 















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How to Change Audi J518 Emulator for C6 A6 Q7?

15 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #audi j518 emulator


Could you help program this type of J518 ELV emulator? Already read EEPROM and flash from original ELV. Write eeprom with 4kb size. But car don’t start. Even recognize key.







The ELV Emulator is used to replace the Audi C6 A6 Q7 steering column module J518 module when it’s failure.

The Audi sixth generation Immo A6 Q7 car usually seen faults like, turn on the key car not start, ELV not unlock, cluster not light up etc, most of the time it can be repaired by the J518 ELV module by changing the original J518 ELV Module with this J518 emulator. 

How to Change the Audi J518 ELV Emulator?

1.Read out the EEPROM data from the original J518 module of your car (the emulator was already with flash data)
2. Write the EEPROM data you got in Step 1 into the emulator (if the original J518 MCU mask is 0L01Y, write the EEPROM data you got from step1 into the emulator directly;
or if the MCU mask of the original J518 is 1L59W/3L40K, you need to send EEPROM data to an expert to transfer EEPROM data when you write into the emulator directly. We don’t provide the service)


It’s a universal solution, compatible with the three MCU types (1L59W, 3L40K, 0L01Y) of the original J518 module utilized.
Remove the vulnerable components, works more stable and durable.
With a simulated lock and unlock sounds generated by the horn on the board.
Easy for replacing.


The VVDIProg cable connector here is only for write the data to this emulator, not able to read the original J518 module
For reading the original J518 module data, still have to use the programmer solder wire to read.
This emulator has no lock and unlock function, if you need the module function as the original one on the ar, select the J518 replacement PCB.



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Program Spare Key for 2020 Sentra using Autel 16-32 Adapter?

14 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #autel im608

 Here is a list of questions to ask:

1). Has anyone tried out the new Nissan gateway cable yet? Will it allow us to add keys to the 2021 Nissan Rogue?

2) AKL on 2020 Nissan Sentra – needs the 16 + 32 SGW adaptor. Anyone use this yet? what I’ve read I’ll need to get the PIN as well since it cannot extract it.

3) Can IM608 works with Nissan Sentra that has secure gateway. IM608 says the 16 + 32 cable working

4). Who been able to program spare key for 20020 sentra using the 16-32 adapter? I try today but not go.



Autel Nissan 16+32 Bypass cable:

Autel Nissan 16+32 Secure Gateway Adaptor for Autel MaxiIM IM608 and IM508

This cable is designed to be used with Nissan Sentra 2021+ and other models 8th Generation with B18 Chassis.

Add key (Bypass PIN Code) for Sylphy Micra and Sentra of 2021 Nissan







1.Autel techniscan claimed it’s only for European Nissan but not USA model.  Add key only in EUROPEAN. Not for American market yet.

2. Add key only with the bypass cable with 1 working key.

3. Only with Autel 16pin-32pin cable and it’s only for add a key not all keys lost.

With 16+32 gateway adapter, it doesn’t need the password when adding new key for Sylphy, Sentra and the car with B18 chassis.
Note: If all keys lost, it will require password to program new key. You need to get the PIN from an outside source since the tool won’t extract it.


it clearly shows in the screen
IM608 is asking for the gateway connector 16+32.


The “Controller Assembly–Central Gateway” is behind the instrument cluster. Vehicle disassembly is not necessary–the connectors can be accessed by reaching high above the brake pedal.
There’s a 32-pin connector, a 12-pin connector, and two coaxial connectors.
The 32-pin fits into the new Autel 16+32 cable.


Vehicle ignition is on (can’t start car with gateway unplugged, but can turn ignition on)
J2534 OBDII to the 16/32 cable
32-pin to the gateway cable
J2534 to cigarette lighter




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Autel IM608 Requires PIN to Add Toyota Rav4 2019 Key

10 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #autel im608


I am trying to add a key on a 2019 Toyota Rav4 but Autel IM608 asks for a 12-digit pin I would appreciate if someone could help me find it or sell it to me.





Need NASTF subscription for access code.

check here : how to get access code?


If have Lonsdor K518ISE, just purchase Toyota AKL license and dedicated smart key, RAV4 2019-2021 all keys lost can be done via OBD.


Check the detail guide here:


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Write Qashqai J10 BCM 284b2 Key with Tango or VVDI2

10 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #vvdi2

I read Nissan Qashqai J10 BCM 284b2 jd 12a by Orange5. There was only one option under Immo Mazda2 09- to read this MCU9s12xdt384(1L15Y). Read fine, Tango can show keys and login but I can’t write new key. When I add .bin file information appear “Add key not tested” When I write key or transponder pcf7936 info display “invalid crypto key” and it change chip page 3 from 06 to 0E making it crypto mode. Car has proximity twist on ignition/ key I tried original dealer key also blank pcf7936 and preceded for xtrail qashqai.
I tested also two random eeprom from DK file 4KB the same situation but one file 2kb write the key with no problem.
My question is did someone face this problem? where is the problem? can I use 2kb eeprom file with key from different car and write to my module with original flash?







Try with another key maker tool? Tango is not the only one.

Xhorse VVDI2 EEPROM recognized and recorded it.





And key information:





Hope it helps!


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How to Fix GM MDI GDS2 Not Connected?

8 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #gm mdi

I bought a Chinese GM MDI, I have a problem with my gds2 software I think, every time I use gds2 to connect to the mdi, it goes from red to yellow to green and then it disconnects saying not mdi found.


How to fix this problem?

  1. I have 2 mdi clone several years and whenever I have had a problem that does not connect is the mini usb of the mdi, check it and if you can change it and possibly everything works.


For instance Java issue is coming because you have not installed the Java or GDS2Java.
Also check if you have Tis2web installed.
You need Windows 7 ot 10 X86 or X64 and latest GM MDI installed. GM MDI has to be seen in the Manager.
Also you have to have latest VC++ and latest net.framework installed to be sure.


In a simple word:

Your windows system is missing something as:

– windows updates

– VC++ ( install all from 2005 to 2019 )

– Net.framework ( at least v4.0 the v4.8 is better )

– Java ( v6.26 or v7.17 if your are planning to use Global Tis ) or the latest if you will use Tis2web


More operation guide here:



Hope it helps!

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Free Download BMW ICOM A2 ICOM Next Firmware 1.44

6 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #BMW ICOM Next

 Available with BMW ICOM firmware update with latest ISTA, I’m posting here the images for both ICOM A2 and original Next firmware.

Upload via x.x.x.x:60080 url.



including ICOM A2 and ICOM Next

ICOM applicationImage 01.44.00

ICOM BootImage 01.28.00


icom firmware 1.44 download 1



Suitable ICOM A2: Item No. SP168-D


ICOM Next app 010108

ICOM Next rootfs 010106

icom firmware 1.44 download 2

Suitable ICOM Next: SP269-1, SP269-B1SSP269-BSP269-B1


How to update BMW ICOM firmware V1.44?


1.Download BMW ICOM V1.44 firmware update file

  1. Please connect BMW ICOM A2 with computer using internet cable, power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC
  2. Unzip ICOM FW v1.44 upgrade files.
  3. Open IE Internet Explorer, enter address if you update Perfect version BMW ICOM, log in with

username: root

password: NZY1150263 
PS: to upgrade common version ICOM A2 A1, browse  and the next steps are the same.

  1. Click “Update Firmware”, you will see ICOM firmware version information.


  1. Click “Browse” to select file “ICOM-BootImage-01-28-00.bin”, set image type as “SYSTEM”, click “Send the file”.
  2. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then ICOM indicator light will turn red.
  3. When it pops up “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”.
  4. Choose “ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-44-00.bin”, set image type as “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”, it will spend several minutes since the file is a little bit large.
  5. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?” click “Yes”, then the ICOM indicator light will turn red for the second times.
  6. When it finish upgrading, click “reboot”.
  7. Click “Home” – “Update Firmware”, you will find ICOM A2 firmware update to the newest version:
    Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.28.00
    Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.44.00


Additional Note:
Please be sure your computer is to obtain IP address automatically.


Have fun!



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