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Fixed! V2021.03 BMW ISTA not recognize GODIAG V600-BM diagnostic tool

12 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC

 Yesterday I got my GODIAG V600 BMW scanner together with the HDD software (ISTA+ 4.28). The question is why can’t I be connected to the internet. If this software can’t have this connection because it will break haw can I update this software?

One more thing, if I have to register your tool and I can’t turn on internet how do I do it. Your HDD has window 7 an my laptop also had windows7 I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Please help me. Thank You


ISAT 4.28 Not Recognize GODIAG V600 BMW 1


Finally, it is working, and I can connect v600 with this bmw software to test. Big thanks to obdii365.comengineer who open teamviewer remotely to help me.


He assisted me all before I go ahead to connect to the car including activating the software that I do not need to activate again.


Here are two tips that I share with you:

  1. For the product key on the paper (shown as below), This is the registration password of v600, not the activation of bmw software.

ISAT 4.28 Not Recognize GODIAG V600 BMW 2

ISAT 4.28 Not Recognize GODIAG V600 BMW 3

  1. Do not need the VMware network.


  1. obdii365.com engineer concludes one sheet of Godiag-v600 user manual including login, upgrade, join the wireless network, configure AP hotspots, license, account management etc.



Have fun!

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