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OBDSTAR X100 Pro No TF Card 2021 Working Solution

15 Juillet 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #obdstar x100 pro


I would like to ask you for help, I have a scanner with the error OBDSTAR X100 Pro "NO TF card", apparently my card was damaged, can you sell me another SD card or can you send me the contents of the SD card to load it in another please?



If you have lost the TF card came with the package, you can buy and replace another TF card.
BUT you need to update the OBDSTAR X-100 pro after you replace the TF card.

After insert new TF card, how to find the contents of the SD card to load it in another?

Download and extract zip file on your computer (Don't create a new folder)
Copy and paste files to the new SD card. Insert new card to X100Pro to read device S/N (serial number) and activation code.
Write down SN and the activation code.
Then format the SD card.

You will also need to update the OBDSTAR X100 Pro.
Download file on official website http://www.obdstar.com/ServiceStd_Download.html
Then follow the update guide to update x100 pro. 
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