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Thinkdiag New Boot vs. Old Boot

21 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #thinkdiag

 Thinkdiag new version and old boot which to buy? Check the comparison below:



Thinkdiag new boot 2021

  • new SN
  • chip is locked
  • Compatible with official thinkdiag software only.


Thinkdiag old boot & chip

  • Firmware V1.23.004
  • with serial number 9798601***
  • Compatible with official thinkdiag and Diagzone software.





*We don’t provide diagzone software.



Thinkdiag new vs. old boot:

Old boot works with Diagzone crack software. New version does not. 

New adapter is cheaper than old version. (new version with full brands all software 1 year update takes 99USD only, old version with 1 year all brands takes $159)

New version supports more cars and reset functions than old version.  (new version supports 115 brands and 16 reset functions)

New version supports both iOS and Android handsets and tablets. Old boot work on Android system only. 






Diagzone App






Thinkdiag App







ThinkDiag App Free Download





Old boot stops production. Thinkdiag new version full brands all software with 3 years free update is recommended.

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