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OBD2 Diagnostic Tools


Which VAG BMW Keys to used with Xhorse VVDI2?

30 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #vvdi2

One user feedback: have Xhorse vvdi2 and vvdi mb. And very happy with that. And done a lot of keys. but many customers ask for other keys also mostly vag and bmw. Looking for good universal remote that can be used in most of the vags and also bmw with key blade.



Xhorse has universal remote/blade systems. But you will still need to learn them to the vehicle.


I use https://www.obdii365.com/producttags/xhorse-remote.html they are a very reputable company with some of the best prices, I will say this.  Xhorse VVDI2 is a must have tool.  However the universal flip key with remote is touch and go.  Its 99 percent success with transponder programming or cloning with an xhorse superchip.  The remote cloning I have little to no success with.  Remote generating and programming I would say I have a 60 percent success rate.  Very vehicle specific, and much better on pre 2015 vehicles for remotes.  All this being said.  I do love there product and pricing.  I just wouldnt put all my eggs in one basket.  They are great go to when you have many options for the economical customer.



AS I said you can do a lot with transonder.  ID48 Cloning cost points similar to tokens.  It works very well on vw and audi.  The xt27 superchip is amazing it can be programmed many times over and over and continue to work.  I have often just used one for testing probably programmed over one hundred times.  If you buy 100 you get a big discount.  You can use them on so many different vehicles.  Then you can purchase cheap shell transponder keys and just generate or clone yourself.  Now if you are all key lost, You will be reading the immo dump and either generating your own new key file or easier grab one and use your VVDI2 to clone one of the already made keys.  The program to do that is in the transponder area of the tool software.  If you are trying to do immo 5 and up MQB key I don’t recommend using other keys and yes if that means purchasing some for stock then so be it.  Dont be afraid to spend money on tools and inventory.  You will make it back little by little and then use half your profit to buy more stock so soon you won’t have to order and wait for overseas shipping.  As far as your universal key question.  Look at xhorse 3 and 4 button super remote item#5261.  It has a super chip inside it already.  So you can literally program or clone like 15 different chip types (think of how many cars you can do with that one remote, only thing missing is the blade).    Buy like 20 of this remote and then buy many different key blade inserts.  That will get you up and running, to hopefully purchase more product to have on hand.


Alright, here I attach one image of Xhorse universal remote:


src: https://www.obdii365.com/producttags/xhorse-remote.html

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Write Qashqai J10 BCM 284b2 Key with Tango or VVDI2

10 Juin 2021 , Rédigé par JTAC Publié dans #vvdi2

I read Nissan Qashqai J10 BCM 284b2 jd 12a by Orange5. There was only one option under Immo Mazda2 09- to read this MCU9s12xdt384(1L15Y). Read fine, Tango can show keys and login but I can’t write new key. When I add .bin file information appear “Add key not tested” When I write key or transponder pcf7936 info display “invalid crypto key” and it change chip page 3 from 06 to 0E making it crypto mode. Car has proximity twist on ignition/ key I tried original dealer key also blank pcf7936 and preceded for xtrail qashqai.
I tested also two random eeprom from DK file 4KB the same situation but one file 2kb write the key with no problem.
My question is did someone face this problem? where is the problem? can I use 2kb eeprom file with key from different car and write to my module with original flash?







Try with another key maker tool? Tango is not the only one.

Xhorse VVDI2 EEPROM recognized and recorded it.





And key information:





Hope it helps!


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