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About BMW OPS’s 2 types of hard disks

Publié par JTAC sur 30 Novembre 2015, 21:57pm

Catégories : #car diagnostic tool

Recently, a customer asked me why his BMW OPS hard disk cannot work on Lenovo laptop. Since BMW OPS Diagnose and Coding Tool has two types of hard disks, he must have mistaken the one that only fits IBM T30 as the one that fits all computers.

To prevent more people make the same mistake, I would like to make it clear about the two hard disks. So we have two types of BMW OPS hard disks on our website: Hard disk fit IBM T30 and Hard disk fit all laptops.

The first hard disk, as the name suggests, fit IBM T30 computer only. This is an original hard disk designed for the BMW diagnostic tool. However, for those customers who do not have IBM T30 laptop, purchasing of the hard drive would be a waste.

Therefore, to meet other customers need, our technicians have developed another hard drive that supports all laptops. Again, there are both advantages and disadvantages. People who buy the hard disk should pay more attention when installing it. This version is named BMW OPS Hard Disk GT1 DIS V57 SSS V41 Fit All Computer. For the installation manual, pleas click here: http://www.obdii365.com/upload/pro/bmw-ops-t30-version-v57-sss39-installation-manual-obd365.pdf.

Compare with the latter version, the hard disk fit IBM T30 is more stable with faster response. If you have a IBM T30 computer, we definitely recommend this version. But if you do not, you are suggested to take the new developed version, as the hard disk costs less than $100, but a new laptop may cost you at least $1,000. The new hard disk is a rather economical choice especially when it works quite well overall.

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