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OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Tools

OBD2 diagnostic tools & software technical service

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  • Comment désactiver BMW E90 capteur d'occupation du siège?

    09 novembre 2015 ( #BMW diagnostic )

    Question avant d'entrer: Je dois désactiver le capteur d'occupation du siège sur BMW E90 2007. Est-il possible de se faire via WIFI BMW ICOM A2 clone ISTA-D? Oui, capteur d'occupation du siège peut être désactivée, mais ne pas avoir besoin d'un A2 ICOM,...

  • XPROG-M écus lire encadré Mercedes EZS 9S12 & 912

    10 novembre 2015 ( #Mercedes Daignostic )

    Programmation XPROG-M Box ECU est de 100% de travail sur Mercedes EZS avec 912 processeurs et 9S12. Voici les instructions détaillées sur la lecture de Mercedes-Benz EZS Motorola 912 ou 9s12 CPU EEPROM-circuit à l'aide XPROG (V5.0, V5.48, v5.50, V5.55)....

  • WIFI Vpecker Easydiag scanner user review

    25 février 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Vpecker Easydiag Wireless scanner tested feedback list as follows, the users tend to compare vpecker easydiag scanner with launch idiag when test some car models, read details as follows. 1. vpecker scanner VS Launch X431 idiag A) Test Mazda 6 GH 2.0...

  • Super logiciel MB Star C3 diagnostic 05/2015 HDD avec clé USB

    12 novembre 2015 ( #logiciel OBD )

    Format Dell interne / externe Format de disque dur en option DELL D630 HDD: 2015,05 Disque dur extern e: 2015,05 De Super MB STAR C3 Software Liste: DAS: le diagnostic automatiquement le système d'aide WIS.net: Système d'information sur l'atelier...

  • Renault code PIN logiciel Reader Téléchargement gratuit

    12 novembre 2015 ( #lecteur de code PIN )

    Vous devriez toujours vous assurer que le numéro de code PIN de la radio est enregistré par votre concessionnaire Renault. Si votre code PIN est inconnu, vous devrez contacter le service d'un distributeur agréé de Renault qui peut organiser pour obtenir...

  • VW Passat 2009 all keys lost, what tool

    17 juin 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    Which tool will do VW Passat 2009 all keys lost? Here are the solution provided. Customer question: I haven’t done any VAG group programming in my career mainly because we don’t have this cars in my market. However I got customer who has Passat 2009 and...

  • How to use BMW ISTA Voltage Control tool function

    06 octobre 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Here is a DIY guide on setting up BMW ICOM ISTA+ BMW v4.01.22 Voltage Control tool. Simulates voltage of connected interface. Free download Voltage Control tool: Voltage Control tool for standalone ISTA 4.01.22 https://mega.nz/#!z14HBKLT!qB3Jtki7NHsIlYDWfxCnT4bcbTAymWF91A6H6DtR-wo...

  • Which tool to do Proton Waja 2001 all keys lost

    05 octobre 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    What key programmer/tool will do Proton Waja 2001 all keys lost? Here’s some suggestions from experts. Question: Anybody got any information on this fine Proton Waja 2001? All keys have been lost and it is looking for a 4C transponder. It’s using a Mitsubishi...

  • VPECKER Easydiag WiFi Name Configuration Manual

    26 septembre 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Tips here would help you configure/change WIFI name for your WiFi Vpecker Easydiag wireless OBDII OBD2 diagnostic scanner with Battery configuration, ABS Bleeding, EPB, Oil Reset, TPMS, DPF reset special functions. First, free download vpecker Wifi V6.2...

  • Xhorse BMW Multi Tool vs. VVDI 2

    23 septembre 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    Both Xhorse VVDI 2 commander and bmw multi tool support key programming for BMW CAS and EWS system. Which one should you take? The difference is - VVDI2 v1.1.9 covers all functions of BMW Multi Tool v7.7 VVDI2 full kit = VVDI, VVDI 5th IMMO Adapter, BMW...

  • Xprog UPA R270 etc Repair bricked FRM3

    21 septembre 2016 ( #car ecu programmer )

    I get many PM’s regarding bricked FRM3 repair. So thought this thread could be a point of information for people who want to repair their bricked module. By bricked I means EEPROM damage through coding / programming due to voltage fluctuation resulting...

  • (Solved) VAS 5054A ODIS license invalid error

    31 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Here is the final solution to VAS 5054A ODIS VAG VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat diagnostic scanner service license error 0.736.417 and 0.239.846 with the message “this license is invalid” ODIS 3.0.1 error message: OffboardDiagLauncher 0.736.417: Error reading the...

  • Renault CAN CLIP driver unkown device solution

    28 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Here is the engineer solution to Renault CAN CLIP interface driver software error “unknown device” when the hardware is connected to computer. Operating system issues: the clone Clip can ONLY work in WINDOWS XP The drivers for the CLIP does NOT work with...

  • V8.3 Vpecker Easydiag adds Hyundai Kia up to 2015

    23 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII OBD2 Full Version car diagnostic scan tool software update to V8.3. Vpecker V8.3 Update Feature: 1. Beautiful action testing display interface. 2. Quick testing and connetion of WIFI. 3. New addition of Hyundai and Kia...

  • Mercedes EPC.net cannot display on webpage solution

    23 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Here is the engineer solution to Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnosis EPC.net software “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” solution. Problem: I have activated the 2016.05V EPC WIS software, but the Star diagnosis EPC.net online cannot run on IE...

  • V61.10 Nissan Consult III Plus with ECU programming database

    21 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Good News!!! Nissan Consult III plus software updated to V61.10 with 2016.06 ECU programming database support ECU programming function without buying immobiliser security card. Software Version: 61.10 Nissan Consult 3 plus V61.10 update feature: 1. Update...

  • How to install VCP VAG CAN Pro v5.5.1

    11 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Obdii365.com is rolling out the VAS 5054A replacement— VAG CAN PRO VCP 5.5.1 diagnostic, coding and programming tool – run much faster and better than ODIS 3.0.3. Computer requirement: Windows XP or Windows 7 Processor: 700 Mhz or faster, 256Mb RAM, 1...

  • DAF VCI Lite (V1) vs. DAF VCI 560 truck diagnostic

    08 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Original DAF VCI 560 MUX (DAVIE XDc II) is a original diagnostic tool designed for DAF heavy duty vehicles like trucks, buses and DAF marine or industry grade engines. But VCI560 is too expensive to afford to most of technician. So the DAF VCI Lite (V1)...

  • OBDSTAR Tools Register and Update Guide

    07 août 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    Original OBDSTAR Tools (OBDDSTAR X100 PRO,X300 Pro3 Key Master,F100,F108,VAG-PRO etc)software can be updated online. They share the same registration and upgrade procedure. How to register OBDSTAR Tools? 1. Power on the OBDSTAR device 2.Go to "ABOUT"...

  • Disable ASD (Active Sound) on BMW F10 with Esys

    04 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    As the lucky owner of a new M5 F10 I needed a way to disable the ‘Active Sound Design’-ASD module because it really disturbed me. Pulling the fuse was not an option as this disabled the complete sound system and removing the ASD box in the trunk would...

  • FAQ Volvo PTT 2.04.55 Standard and Development

    04 août 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    Volvo/Renault/Mack Developer Tool PTT 2.04 standard and development version with Dev2tool are available in obdii365.com. Which hardware to use with the PTT 2.04? Here’s PTT FAQ technical support. Q: Does your Volvo PTT work with dpa5? A: Yes, volvo ptt...

  • FVDI clone tested Ok mileage correction cars

    02 août 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    Here is the list of testing OK odometer correction cars by using FVDI full with 18 software. Keep updating on the list. FVDI 2015 now all update to FVDI II 2016 version with free J2534 (Techstream,HDS etc) functions. FVDI Car KM list: Kia 2009 all models...

  • How to enable KTAG 6.070 work on Internet

    01 août 2016 ( #car ecu programmer )

    All paid off!! I have spent one week to manage to reset and make work the KTAG firmware v6.070 . I mean, i have unblocked KTAG machine from the Internet. And now, i would write this manual to help others. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for your damage....

  • AK500 Pro and AK500+ What worked

    31 juillet 2016 ( #car key programmer )

    Mercedes AK500 Pro key programmer: I have ak500pro for a few years already. What it does: -read 912/908 mcus (like ak500+ or r270) -read 705 mcu with socket (like ak500+) -read hc05 mcu from old motorola keys (like ak500+, upa, xprog..) -read key info...

  • VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 ODIS 3.0.3 for Windows 7

    28 juillet 2016 ( #car diagnostic tool )

    VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054a with ODIS v3.0.3 diagnostic scanner for Volkswagen Group VW Audi Skoda Seat Bentley Lamborghini is verified working. Software version: ODIS V3.0.3 Top feature: 1. Replacement of OEM VAS 5054A 2. Support UDS Protocolong> 3.Multi-languages:...

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